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Why advertise on TV?

Television is still without competition the most influential and most important medium for getting theinformation and messages out.

We all watch TV!

Television is, due to it beeing audiovizual, closest to reality and therefore closest to the people.

Television is the most powerful opinion-marker: what we see on TV has the strongest effect on how we live and think and how we want to live and think!

Because of its realism, television media causes the most emotion in the recipient, and people are actually emotionally most open and prepared to be 'touched'.

''Appearing on television does not guarantee that you will become a star, but to become a star without showing up on television is simply impossible!''


Why advertise on Internet TV Novastella TV ?

Novastella tv is Internet free live television, the first in the world, with millions of potential viewers of all ages and in 8 languages

Novastella TV will soon (in 2016) open its branch in the European Union and Russia, where TV and radio programwill be broadcasted. The studio in the Czech Republic will be completed in May 2016 where the program will be broadcasted in digital HD.

The program can be traced at and, and it will soon be possible to monitor it through other Internet servers / providers that show a variety of broadcast television programs as well. In the nearest future the program will be able to follow through mobile applications.


Our program in 2016 will be available in all hotels around the world, a digital modem that will be available to citizens across Europe and the world.

Novastella TV is watched in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Italy, Australia, Canada and elsewhere. The increase viewership in 2014 was an average of 1.45% per day, while in 2015 we have achieved a growth of 1.86% per day.

We are connected to all the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, Dailymotion, Livestream, Ustream, Telestream etc.)

SMS service will be availible which will enable the viewers to We can create your advertising campaign. We offer a complete solution for your business projects:

-shooting and editing

-designing and manufacturing Teleop and 3D animation

-design and production of advertising spots

-making reports

For all the services we offer excellent conditions in our new digital studio in the Czech Republic, which opens on May 15th 2017.

We are at your service! Contact us and we will realize your wishes and meet your expectations