About us


Motivated by the challenge of discovering inexhaustible information opportunities over the Internet, six years ago, we started with the preparations for launching internet television and founded Novastella TV on 03.05.2013 as the first free internet live television in the world and protected by copyright (Copyright to the OW number 68396 And OW 121270).

The foundation of our business idea and vision is the constant advancement and positive changes in business, learning and improvement of work and investment in human resources driven by optimism, creativity, ambition and responsibility.

We want to contribute to the well-being of our society and to foster cultural and socio-economic progress. Novastella TV runs the principles of business ethics and strives to achieve good and sustainable long-term business relationships and good results. Accordingly, Novastella TV wants to set good standards and standards in the field of media.


We pay special attention to the development of our own information network, so there is an office in Czech Republic, and there are also intensive opening times for the branch offices in Germany and Italy, which will soon be operational. In the coming period, we will also open correspondence in several EU countries, and the aim is to open correspondence all over the world in order to as accurately and as quickly inform our viewers all over the world.


It is also our goal and task to include in our television program and the viewers of the world as our correspondents, all for the purpose of the quicker and more honest and truthful information about the events seen by the eyes of our viewers.



Our values

We aim high

We move the boundaries of information

We're playing fair

We are flexible

We win the team

We are positive